Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plumberries, Oranges and Port Wine

…these are the color names of the cottons used for this dress.


And that is exactly what I was thinking of as I was stitching it up. Delicious, colorful fruits and a glass of dark red wine (a personal favorite). All while I was thinking of this dress and working with the fabrics, I had images like this one swirling in my mind.


Yum! I just love this color combination and how the dress worked out. I drafted this during KCWC last week and finished it up yesterday.


I’m entering this dress into this weeks challenge at Project Run & Play. The challenge theme this week is: color. Initially when I read that, I thought of bright, bold, loud, big colors. But then I started to think of how color in deeper, more subtle tones can make just as much of an impact. I was inspired by a RTW dress that I saw with a similar color palette and I was sold!

It’s made of quilting cottons, the seams were finished with pinking shears. Normally I serge all my interior seams, but this time I was too tired lazy to change the thread in my serger.




I started to document the process with the idea of writing a tutorial, but then I got anxious to finish. But I do want to make this dress again. Anyone interested in a tutorial or maybe a digital pattern? If you are, leave a comment and let me know. If enough people are interested, I might write up a tutorial and put the pieces I drafted together for a download.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KCWC-Days Five, Six & Seven: A Pattern Drafted, and half-finished dresses

For the last three days of the KCWC, I drafted a new pattern and began sewing it up. Sometimes pattern drafting goes really quickly for me, and other times it doesn’t.

This one took a while, possibly because I was already tired when I started (in the late evening, after the kids are in bed). I drafted it all up on Friday, cut it out and starting sewing Saturday and worked until I reached a fiddly part on Sunday. By then, I had most certainly put in my ‘hour a day’ and I decided I wanted to sit on the couch and read. So this is where it stands right now.


(that collar is even, it’s just a funny angle of the photo that makes it look weird)

I will probably finish these up this week on Wednesday night. Wednesdays are my sewing days – the kids go to bed and my husband is out of the house, so I can sew uninterrupted for a few hours. Hey, maybe I’ll get them done in time to enter in to this weeks challenge at PR&P!?!

Thanks to Elsie Marley for hosing KCWC. It was really fun to participate. I’m looking forward to the challenge in the fall, and I think I’ll draft up all my designs and cut out my fabric in advance next time!


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