Monday, July 18, 2011

The "Just About Perfect:" Dress - M5793

I love McCalls 5793. It's just about the most perfect toddlers dress.

It's the perfect basic dress bodice which can be adapted for so many different ideas. I know. I've done it, many times now.

I've sewed up some version of M5793 four times, well, five now with this latest addition. And really that means ten, seeing as how I make two of everything. Yeah, I love this pattern. Here's a few of the versions I've made in the past:

Here's the latest installment.

The fabric is a quilter's cotton from JoAnns. I picked it up in February this year during as sale for $1.49/yd. Cute, cheap dresses I said!

My only complaint on the pattern is the belt is a smidge long. I made it for the first time with the pink and white dresses shown above, and of course I forgot to shorten it for the purple dresses. Oh well. I think it's safe to assume I'll be making this dress again, so I'll remember for next time.

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