Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Long Time Coming - S2193 Final Version (for now!)

I teased a while back about a piece of fabric I had been saving for a while. Saving for a very specific dress for my girls.

I muslin-ed that dress a few months ago and worked out the kinks in the pattern so I was ready to combine the two!

I sewed up these dresses at the end of July, but I got so busy with tons of other sewing that I haven't yet had a chance to photograph or write about it till now.

These dresses were especially made for a three day convention our family attends every summer.

I added a lining to the skirt in addition to all the other changes I made to the pieces and construction from last time. I also widened the skirt by two inches (one inch more that last time) to ensure a nice flowy skirt. I think two inches at CF and CB was perfect.

(Inside lining - nice clean finish!)

(Back button closure)

And of course new dresses need new accessories! I made these headbands to go along...

...the girls really love the headbands.

I paired it all off with these shoes.....
... which all made for some pretty cute little girls!

Pattern Review here (original review here).


  1. Oh, this cracked me up! Can't tell you how many times I constructed a garment according to my own instructions, not theirs... And Grandma T would be absolutely PROUD of your work!

  2. Genius!! Love your modifications! Would you mind sharing how you added the lining? Did you construct the yoke first?


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