Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Setbacks

This is not what I want to be posting right now. I planned to have a week long series on Boys clothes – the huge pile of boy stuff I have cut out and sitting in my sewing room. I found new fabric for my next Inspired By project and I have about a hundred dresses I want to make for the girls for this fall/winter. But we are sick. All five of us. Very sick, so I haven’t been in my sewing room in over a week. It’s terrible.

Then, just to add to the fun of a house full of sickness, my son broke a toe on his right foot on Monday – our first broken bone (he’s actually somewhat proud of that, in a strange sort of way). So now I’m tasked with making a four year old who lives to run, stand on his head and find a way to climb on anything everything, sit and keep his foot up for three weeks. Sigh!

So I’ve been just chilling on my computer between wiping noses and laying in agony myself. I’ve been filing up my Pinterest boards with all sorts of inspiration and ideas. So this aptly sums up all the creativeness I’ve experienced here in the last week and a half:


Source: via Lorenza on Pinterest

Please stick around, I really do have lots and lots of sewing goodness coming up!


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